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We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.

Windston Chrchill

It is Festival Time. Summer of 1984. “The Festival of India” is being celebrated on a grand scale in Paris. I am in Paris to lecture, to share my Research work on Dome-shaped structures, on innovative, cost effective, architectural designs. I supported my talk, with slides and drawings of the various projects we had undertaken.  I was surprised at the tremendous interest, which was generated, looking at the crowd that surrounded and overwhelmed me, after the presentation. Many were young architects, who wanted to meet me again, since they said, they were interested in what I was doing, from the geobiology point of view!


According to these young architects, the shape, form of the Brick-shell Dome, was the ideal form they wished to experiment.  They felt, they said, that my Brick-Shell Domes would effectively neutralise various types of radiations, thereby creating a healthy, harmonious environment, especially since they are made with natural materials: such as bricks and covered with lime-mortar!!! They were all very excited.  They congratulated me for my novel and bold experimentation with Brick-Shell Domes, and thanked me profusely, for sharing this research work!


As they mentioned Health, Radiations, Harmony of Environment, due to Form and Materials, my interest picked up.  This was a new angle; I had never looked into or even thought of. So far, I was only looking at innovativeness in design - yes, economy of construction - yes, climatic comfort – yes, harmony of design – yes! What could be this new angle of Building and Health, which they called “Geobiology”? I was intrigued!?  Could Buildings really effect one’s health and well being? How? Nowhere had I come across this fact!? 

I was truly puzzled!


But then I remembered this incident, when in my teens. I was pretty sick for sometime with double Typhoid. I had already been confined to bed since a month, and the doctors were not too happy with my recovery and progress. One day my grand-mother came to see me, and in her wisdom, as she was leaving, she told my mother:


“You should shift his bed or make him sleep somewhere else, since he is falling sick again and again, and not recovering.”


At that time I did not understand anything.  But I wondered what she meant by saying shift him, the place where he is sleeping is not congenial for his health? How could a place and health have any connection? What is that wisdom which prompted her to say, “shift his bed” – (mine)?  Believe it or not, since my mother shifted me to another place for sleeping, my recovery was remarkably fast!


I relived this experience, in the midst of these young architects talking to me.  It dawned on me, that this is precisely the area I should now take up and investigate. I had done all I needed to do with experimentation in architecture, with Brick-Shell Dome structures. Now, I needed to study, research, understand and unravel the mysterious bonds of Architecture and Human Health.


Is Windston Churchills observation maybe correct? Does shaping our Living Space (our house, workplace etc.) has an impact on our health or even furthermore on our life?


Bevor going any further,  we first have to understand the concept of SPACE.

A New Concept of "SPACE"

What connnects everyone with everything ?  -  Space !

Nassim Haramein

In his DVD "THE BLACK WHOLE" Nassim Haramein explains this new concept of SPACE and how everything is interconnected in detail. But have a look yourself...

Maybe by integrating this new cocept in our perception of the world within and without of ourself, we will start to think in larger scales and let go some old and limiting belief-systems.

Where do we live?

How do we move through Space?