The grids


On one of my annual visits to Paris for our joint research work, we were finding different Bio-Electro-Magnetic (BEM) Earth Grid lines, which would be other than what we know as the Hartmann Grids? As it was normally thought that there existed only one kind of BEM Earth radiations known as the Hartmann Grids, discovered by Drs. Hartmann brothers, who worked in Heidelberg in Germany. The Hartmann Grids are supposed to emanate from the Earth's surface, in both directions East-West and North-South, and cover the entire globe like a blanket of grid lines, as expounded in her book " Hauts Lieux Cosmo-Telluriques", by Ms. Blanche Merz. (sketches)


Could it be possible that there exist more BEM Earth Grids than we know of today, and that the Hartmann Grids maybe, are not the only ones that exist? Could it be possible that there exist more than one type of BEM Earth Grids covering our globe?


My concerns were attenuated. We earnestly went about to find and understand this complex system of BEM Earth Grids. To summarise our findings - fundamentally there exist 4 types of BEM Earth Grids in the cardinal directions, we have named them: - The Major Grids. - The Principle Grids. - The Normal Grids. - The Sub-Grids or the Hartmann Grids.


Similarly there exist BEM Earth Grids in the diagonal directions: - The Major Grids. - The Principle Grids. - The Normal Grids. - The Sub-Grids or the Curry Grids, which are slightly wider than the Hartmann grids.




These are the largest grids we find emanating from the Earth's surface. These are a group of 12 lines of radiation, which implies 11 equal divisions. We find that the distance between each of these grid lines, to be varying between 4m to 6m, or 13ft - 4 inches to 20 ft , which is due to the varying geological conditions of the land. Hence the total width or dimension of this grid is found to vary, from 44m to 66m, or 140ft-8" to 220ft. In a place where two of these grids intersect, being in both say East-West and North-South directions, then they form an 11 x 11 grid. (sketch)




These grids are found to be slightly smaller than the Major Grids. This Principle Grid is a group of 10 lines, that emanate vertically from the earth's surface, and therefore have 9 equal divisions - instead of 11 divisions as seen for the Major Grids. In this grid too, we find the distance between each grid line, to be varying between 4m to 6m, or 13'-4" to 20", depending on the geological conditions of the earth. Hence the total width or dimension of this grid varies from 36m to 54m, or 120ft to 180ft. (sketch) ...2


This Principle Grid we find in most of the sacred spaces, of ancient civilisations across the world. It is interesting that the ancients always searched for these Principle Grids on their lands, for selecting the "sacred spot" to build. When intersecting in both directions, we get what we call a 9 x 9 grid. (Sketch))


The beautiful arcaded cloisters attached to most of the cathedrals, have generally the entire courtyard, as an intersection of the entire 9 x 9 grid, with the arcaded crafted columns being located on each of the grid nodes along the outer edge, with a perambulatory covered passage on all 4 sides. (Photo)


In ancient Indian traditions this 9 x 9 grid is referred to as the ideal "Vastu Purusha Mandala" of 81 squares, and is depicted as a being caged in a grid, the head to the north-east.


The legend says that this earth force, referred to as an extremely powerful Demon Being, named "VASTU PURUSHA", (in sanskrit "Vastu" comes from the root word Vas or home, "Purusha" meaning Being) when unleashed, could be extremely destructive. In order to curb its destructive force, all the gods had to wrestle with him. They overpowered him, threw him face down, sat on him, so that he would not rise and destroy, but work in harmony with therm. This is what is normally depicted in the Vastu {Purusha Mandala of 81 squares (sketch)


Mr. D. K. Bubbar, an architect living and practicing in Mumbai, who I had the privilege to know and do some research work together, did pionering research work and studies into the ancient texts on the Science of Buildings known as "Vastu Shastra". His interepretation of Vastu Purusha is different, and shows a dynamic being caged in the grid, instead of a static being. (sketch)




In contrast to the other two, the Normal Grid has only 2 lines of radiations, both emanating vertically from the earth's surface, and do not have any other grid lines in between. Interestingly each line is found to have a polarity (-) and (+). The distance between the two grid lines also varies, they are 8m to 10m wide, or 26'-8" to 33'-4", depending on geological conditions. (sketch)


Often we find that embattlements of forts, or towers in castles, built within these normal grids. Maybe the energy flow between the negative and positive polarities, of the two grid lines, creates a situation helpful for one's protection.